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Built for event hosts

There are a lot of virtual event platforms out there that are built prioritizing the audience and attendees. But this usually means that there ends up being more work for you - the event host - to manage everything.

EventRaptor is built with you in mind; to make it as easy as possible for you to host your own virtual events, without a dedicated marketing or events team.

Event hosting for everyone.

Feature equality

Unlike other platforms, we don’t lock critical features behind expensive paywalls. EventRaptor accounts only differ in scale, not features.

Feature effectiveness

Our features are chosen to have the biggest impact on you - helping you increase your income without increasing complexity.

Feature flexibility

We don’t lock you into only using EventRaptor. We integrate with other systems, so you only need to use the parts you actually need.

EventRaptor is a game-changer.

Hear how EventRaptor saved Jay Fiset and his team 150-200 hours of work using an early version of EventRaptor back in December 2020.

Since then, Jay's team has saved a total of 1000+ hours across all his events by using EventRaptor.

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Everything you need

Packed with awesome features.

All EventRaptor tiers come with the same essential features needed to run all kinds of virtual events.

Pre-built pages

Customizable registration, thank you, and schedule pages for your events.

Affiliate tracking

Know where your audience came from and reward referrals. Included in every tier.

Attendee analytics

Get audience insights from your event and make decisions based on prospect behaviors and actions.


Put your attendees into your CRM, connect checkouts and payments, or even build your event page in Wordpress. We make it easy to integrate with your existing systems.

Speaker directory

Find speakers that are searching for speaking opportunities. Fill your next conference or summit in minutes.

Event dashboard

Control your event from one central location - manage speakers, attendees, share links and resources, and more.

Ready to dive in? Get access to EventRaptor.