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We have an amazing 30% commission scheme if you'd like to sign up! Just CLICK HERE to register as an affiliate.

If you are an affiliate, enter your affiliate ID in the box below to see links with your ID.

To check your affiliate performance, log in to our affiliate system run by ThriveCart: https://thrivecart.com/signin/

If you are having difficulties, let us know (support@eventraptor.com) and we'll do what we can to help.

Swipe Copy

Want some text and copy you can use for your mailings and promotions?

We've prepared swipe copy for you, that you can steal, borrow, duplicate and use as you see fit.

We're expanding this over time as well. So click the link below, and start promoting!


Speaker Directory

Promoting the speaker directory is a GREAT way to earn affiliate commissions!

The rules are simple - use the link below to send speakers to the Speaker Directory. If they sign up, we'll know they came from you. If they buy anything from us within 3 months, you make an affiliate commission from them. If they buy a subscription then you are paid commission on the renewal as well.

Copy and paste this link to send to the SPEAKER DIRECTORY:

Copy and paste this link to send to the REGISTRATION page:

Virtual Event Checklist

This 17-page checklist for virtual events is an invaluable resource for those planning their event. It's a step-by-step list of things any event host should consider when planning and executing their event.

Promote this list when your audience are considering or planning their own virtual events. It's a great resource to promote when your audience is coaches, speakers, therapists or consultants who should be running their own virtual events.

Copy and paste this link:

EventRaptor Demo

You know that a picture says more than a thousand words, right?

A video is easily 10X that.

And a live demo is easily 100X that again!

So sending your tribe to a demo is one of the best actions you can take! At least, if you know they're already looking for a great solution, and they just need to be convinced that EventRaptor is the right one for them.

If we're not running a live demo soon then they'll be able to access a replay from a recent one. We've had many buy after the demo, so this is a great way to put the offer in front of your tribe!

Copy and paste this link:

Pricing Page

Do you have people ready to buy? You can send them straight to our pricing page!

But only do this when they are ready to buy - we're not capturing their details when you use this link!

Copy and paste this link:

Features Page

Do you have people that want to learn more? You can send them straight to our features page!

Note that we won't be able to follow up later with anyone you send to this page, so it's great if you use this in conjunction with another promotion, like the Virtual Event Checklist!

Copy and paste this link:

Affiliate rules

You can use any of the above links to promote EventRaptor - as long as someone buys after clicking on any of the links, you'll receive credit for the referral.

Last Touch applies - if you were the last person to talk or discuss EventRaptor with a potential client, or they used your link to sign up, you get the credit.

We pay out for purchases made within 60 days.

There are some circumstances where you think you should get credit, but did not. This is typically when someone talks to multiple affiliates, and another affiliate received the commission instead because their link was used.

Note - if you had a conversation with a new signup, and they said they would use your affiliate link but used someone else's instead - then the other person gets the commission.

The only time we can apply commission in retrospect is if nobody else received commission for the purchase. It would not be fair if someone receives a commission notification, then later has this revoked.

Important: If you tell us within 3 days of someone signing up, and they should have used your affiliate link but did not, then we can give you commission for it. If you tell us later than 3 days then unfortunately we cannot award you the commission. So if you have conversations with people - give them your link AND tell us asap. If you tell us more than 3 days later then sorry, it's too late. Simply email affiliate@eventraptor.com to let us know, and we'll check our records and keep an eye out for when they sign up.