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EventRaptor Software

EventRaptor is a virtual event management system that makes it easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to host their own virtual events. We include powerful features like automatic registration pages, speaker management, and affiliate tracking.

Along with a free tier, we have 3 paid plans ranging from $25-$99/mo, and pay a recurring 30% commission on software subscriptions (after card processing costs).

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EventRaptor Services, Software and Coaching

The Ultimate Coach Marketing System Webinar

How to get more prospects and clients

Struggling to attract clients? Discover the game-changing marketing blueprint that will help you sky-rocket your results and get more clients. Forget all the quick fixes and hacks, this is a proven system that works. Steve will share the secrets he's discovered through over 20 years in business, and working with a life coach certification company with 8-figure sales.

Lead Magnet / Optin - for those at the early stages of interest / curious

Unlock the Secret to Skyrocket Your Coaching Business

The Ultimate 5 Baby Step Formula for Generating High-Quality Leads and Transforming Prospects into Paying Clients

Book a Strategy Call

For prospects who want to explore how to build their business in a 1-hour meeting

This will allow people to book a call with Steve Eriksen, the CEO and Founder of EventRaptor

Book a Demo Call

For prospects who are ready to get started, and just looking for the right solution

This will allow people to book a call with Steve Eriksen, the CEO and Founder of EventRaptor

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Do you know someone ready to buy the event management software? You can send them straight to our pricing page. Be aware that you should only share this link when someone is ready to buy - we don't capture their details when this link is used.

Promote the Speaker Directory

If your audience is made up of speakers or those looking to grow their business through speaking, promoting the speaker directory is a great no-cost alternative for your audience. If someone signs up to the free speaker directory and upgrades to a paid EventRaptor account within 90 days, you'll get affiliate credit for them.



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