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“I thought summits were only for big fish, extra-rich, top 1% companies. And on top of that, me and tech are not friends. Using EventRaptor, I ended up taking my email list from 25 people to 800 people. I honestly can’t believe there’s a software out there that makes running huge summits… dare I say... easy.”

Event dashboard

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EventRaptor saves you time and effort no matter what type of event you're running.

Virtual summits






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I used to spend $3K+ on admin fees to build and execute one giveaway or summit, not to mention the countless hours I spent doing an inordinate amount of work for each.

EventRaptor saved me so much time and money!!! I highly recommend EventRaptor and will definitely use it again for my upcoming giveaways and summits!

Tiffany Cano
CEO, Highly Perceptive People Academy

This was the most effective, profitable event I've ever produced, just amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that EventRaptor made the difference for me with this event.

I made a total of $2,486 through ticket sales and look forward to my next event to do even better!

Pamela Heath
CEO, Strategic YES Training

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Here to reduce your workload.

Flashy software often means more work for the event host (aka you).

We cut out the fluff and focused on the features that make your life easier, so putting on an event won't make you want to throw your laptop out the window.

Save time

Why do work when you can get software to do it for you? That's not laziness - it's efficiency!


EventRaptor works with the systems you're already using. No need to re-invent the wheel.


Re-usable templates. For a fast first event, and even faster second, third, and hundredth event.

Virtual events are an amazing way to grow your list, make sales, build your authority, and boost your brand visibility.

But hosting an event takes a lot of work - usually involving hiring a VA or using software that’s so expensive that you’re losing money for every event you hold.

That's why we built EventRaptor - to give entrepreneurs like you a chance to grow your business without all the hassle.

We’ve taken the techniques multi-million dollar companies are using and made them accessible to those starting from scratch. We’d love for you to give it a try.

Steve Eriksen

Steve Eriksen

Founder & CEO

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